Yoga and Dance with the Elements


We offer this Yoga and Dance Summer Retreat in the midst of nature in Burgenland to spoil all your senses and treat yourself in a nice Hotel on a spacious area with a private swimming pond and delicious food!

As you pull out from every day life, there is more space to treat yourself with love and care and to resource yourself from within with the power of the fundamental Elements.

Each day we will have two 3-hours sessions with first Yoga followed by Open Floor Conscious Dance. Each session one of the Elements will guide us to explore and maintain the power of it within us.

EARTH gives us support. It lets us feel held and trustful. Dancing with the Earth invites us to finding the trusting connection to our own physical body.

FIRE is the element of life force. As we dance we with Fire we practice how to receive energy, how to feel our own energy and how to let our energy bring us into action.

WATER is connected to fluidity, changes and our curiosity. Dancing with Water invites us to connect to our ability to change, to evolve and to keep finding our way forward.

AIR shows us the light and playful side of nature. Dancing with the Air, with the Wind teaches us our infinite lightness of our being. Air is constantly singing a song of joy, lifting us from the mundane to the mystery.

ETHER invites us to Explore the Divine inside and around us.

Through Yoga we dive deeply into our bodies and create a mindful connection to ourselves. We breathe, we move, we will awaken our bodies, minds and hearts for dancing with the Elements.

In Open Floor Conscious Movement Practice we create a colorful soundscape for you to explore the Elements within you and source yourself with its powers. Its a mindful moving meditation that allows you to include all of you in the dance.

Marion Knotzer-Meir was born and brought up on a farm in Burgenland. She has been very connected to the Elements all her life. Supporting people to find their path has been a very strong motivation, she worked as a Social Worker and for 10 years she has been working intensely as a Yoga teacher with several groups and organisations, leading retreats in Austria and abroad. Her approach of a gentle and heart-full connecting to the body in her teaching allows a deep dive and brings a fresh sense of authenticity to her classes. Becoming an Open Floor Movement Practice Teacher 2017 brought even more mindfulnes to her teachings.

Idan Meir (MFA) is a Conscious Dance Teacher (Open Floor International), a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (IY-UK), a Theatre Director, Writer and Dramaturge (Master of Fine Arts from Tel Aviv University). He is the Founder of "Bewegung für Leben" (Dance Project for old people with dementia from two geriatric departments in Donauspital). He is located in Vienna since 2015, teaching in Shambhala, Dr. Schmida and other places. He is living with his beloved wife and son, Marion and Jonathan.

Accommodation: There are several options in the Seminarhotel Friedrichshof itself. The price is per person including breakfast buffet, 3-course menu for lunch and dinner.

Single Room: € 392,-  in total

Double Room: € 372,- in total

3-Bed Room: € 344,- in total

plus taxes per day € 6,- in total

Lunch and Dinner without staying there is € 165,-

Please contact us, if the Price is an issue, but you would love to attend the Retreat! We will make it happen!

Nearby campsites are, around 15min by car:

Strandcamping Podersdorf:

Camping am Zicksee:


We are looking forward to this spending this unique time with you!